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Hpi Check Free your Vehicle

See if the vehicle you wish to buy is  registered stolen, safe to drive and does not have a log book loan attached to it.

Don´t leave it to chance and expect the seller to present you with all of the historical data stored against the vehicle he is trying to sell you, Hpi Check Free now !, most sellers will not want you to know if the car has been involved in an accident, previously written off or has a major defect. If you purchase a vehicle which later turns out to have adverse history, there will be little recourse, you will almost certainly suffer the loss!
An Hpi Check free can save you money in the long run and for a small fee of £2.99 you will get the premium report or for an even more indepth report which includes a Stolen Vehicle Report, Scrapped Vehicle report, Write-off information, Engine number verification, Number Plate transfer, Registration date confirmation and many other online car check information points such as VIN verification, Engine number confirmation, colour changes, Import and export car details if relevant, and of course, a mileage verification for just £4.99!

An Hpi Check Free Premium Check will confirm all of the details that are recorded on the original V5 certificate and stored on the DVLA database.Additional information will include write-off information if it is relevant, confirmation of whether the vehicle has ever been recorded as scrapped, whether it is reported stolen and much more.


A full free car check is presently unavailable due to the cost of DVLA registration data and other vehicle information held by other motoring organisations. Vehicle checks are often referred to as HPI checks, car history checks, vehicle identity checks and consist of the vehicle history and technical specifications. This is what you are charged for. When deciding which motor vehicle data provider to use, what you should look for is not necessarily the best price or the most comprehensive check, but the kind of report you are getting. Many companies will charge you for car or van registration details that can actually be obtained free. At Hpi Check Free, we provide the most data for the price charged and the data you actually need to ensure any vehicle purchase you make is made in the knowledge you have as much information as possible to make the best decision! It´s a small price to pay for peace of mind for when you or your family drive the vehicle. A vehicle registration number is unique to every vehicle, so when you enter it into our system, you will receive accurate motor details relevant to the vehicle registered to that numberplate. Check these details carefully and if there are any discrepancies between the car, van or any other vehicle you are checking and the registered details, you should avoid any purchase until you have contacted the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for further verification. Stay safe, check hpi free!


Please note that Hpi Check Free can access motor registration details for all derivatives of vehicles, not just cars. By entering your numberplate details, you can check cars, vans and motorbikes. Commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and any other type of road licensed vehicle can also be checked.