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Welcome to HPI Check Free.  We are here to offer you the opportunity to search the history on any vehicle you are considering to purchase.  The service we are promoting is to give buyers peace of mind by performing a comprehensive HPI  check free.  If you would like a more detailed report there is a small fee of £2.99 which will reveal whether the car is stolen, safe to drive and it´s true value.

Don´t leave it to chance and expect the seller to present you with all of the historical data stored against the vehicle he is trying to sell you, Hpi Check Free now !, most sellers will not want you to know if the car has been involved in an accident, previously written off or has a major defect.  If you purchase a vehicle which later turns out to have adverse history, there will be little recourse, you will almost certainly suffer the loss!

An  Hpi Check  free can save you money in the long run and for a small fee of £2.99 you will get the premium report or for an even more indepth report which  includes a Stolen Vehicle Report, Scrapped Vehicle report, Write-off information, Engine number verification, Number Plate transfer, Registration date confirmation and many other online car check information points such as VIN verification, Engine number confirmation, colour changes, Import and export car details if relevant, and of course, a mileage verification for just £4.99!
An Hpi Check Free Premium Check will confirm all of the details that are recorded on the original V5 certificate and stored on the DVLA database.Additional information will include write-off information if it is relevant, confirmation of whether the vehicle has ever been recorded as scrapped, whether it is reported stolen and much more.
Do not waste time searching for a full free car check, they do not exist!  These checks are often referred to as HPI checks, car history checks, vehicle identity checks etc,  are full reports of the  history of the vehicle and this is what you are charged for. What you should look for is not necessarily the best price or the most comprehensive checks, but what kind of report you are getting, we provide the most data for the price charged and the data you actually need! It´s a small price to pay for peace of mind for when you or your family drive the vehicle it pays to stay safe.
Hpi check free – If you have a vehicle registered in your name, it must be insured unless it has been declared off road (SORN).
Using an uninsured vehicle on a public highway is an offence and could render you liable to a large fine, penalty points and its seizure. Even with the latest technology police carry that can detect whether a vehicle has tax, MOT and insurance cover in force, people still risk driving illegally. If you are involved in a RTA (Road Traffic Accident) it is now possible to check from your mobile telephone as to whether the other vehicle has a valid policy in force.  One company, askMID provide a free service where accident victims can access their app, enter their details and those of the third party and within a few seconds be provided with confirmation that insurance cover is valid and registered on the Motor Insurance Database.
2013 saw another increase in the theft of luxury vehicles, with the BMW X5 and the Range Rover being the most popular choice for the car thieves. Surprisingly, the other 8 most stolen cars were all German! With only half of stolen vehicles recovered, owners of top of the range motors are experiencing increasing premiums which are usually only offset by installation of top end anti-theft alarm or tracking systems. Many vehicle insurance companies are refusing to even provide cover on some autos unless they are fitted with approved systems.
Some of the latest technology items can not only track the location of your vehicle, it can also notify you if your vehicle has been entered once the alarm has been set.
If you are intending to purchase a top of the range car, contact your insurance company first and enquire as to the level of security they require and the discount to premiums based on the car alarm quality.
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